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283. Trading Nut

How I Learned to Trade Without YT or IG
Zanetrade 31 mins

282. Trading Nut

Biggest Prop Firm Payout
Jeffrey Delorbe 23 mins

281. Trading Nut

Hedge Fund Trader's 3 Tips
Cas Daamen 16 mins

280. Trading Nut

Get 24 Yrs of Market Knowledge in 60 Mins
Jason Shapiro 64 mins

279. Trading Nut

How To Trade ICT & Keep Your Day Job
The Hunter Setup 49 mins

278. Trading Nut

The Dark Side Of Trading...
Emmanuel Osahon 56 mins

277. Trading Nut

I Quit My Job, The Day I Made $40 Trading
Arturo Pestana 48 mins

276. Trading Nut

Trading Secrets to Gain & Retain $6 Million
Andrew NFX 51 mins

275. Trading Nut

Ditch Textbooks for Trading
Ethan Palagonia 41 mins

274. Trading Nut

INSANE Account Flips
Ali Trades 52 mins

273. Trading Nut

Start Blowing 'em Accounts
Jose Fernandes 46 mins

272. Trading Nut

He Mixed SMC With Doyle Exchange
Angelo LaValle 57 mins

271. Trading Nut

A Forex Trader's "Real Life" Journey
Emmitt Smith 54 mins

270. Trading Nut

Complete Trader: Hedge. Scalp. Swing.
Solomon 59 mins

269. Trading Nut

$600 to Multiple 6 Figure
Luca Nolimit 52 mins

268. Trading Nut

Very Rare "Forex Track Record"
Fabrizio Alessandro 56 mins

267. Trading Nut

24yr Makes $172k in 2 Months
Dovy FX 62 mins

266. Trading Nut

He Beat 15,000 Other Traders
Pulak Priyesh 65 mins.

265. Trading Nut

M1 Trader on Smart Money Traps
Waqar Asim 70 mins

264. Trading Nut

Trading "Holy Grail" Discovered
Aves World 58 mins

263. Trading Nut

"Heart Monitor" Helped Trader
Marc Walton 67 mins
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