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121. Trading Nut

What Happens When You Ditch Your Indicators
Pips Of Persia 51 mins

120. Trading Nut

Crypto Whale On Making The Shift To Forex
Andy Peters 48 mins

119. Trading Nut

Secret to Mastering Gold
Dimitri Wallace 33 mins

118. Trading Nut

Setting Up A Prop Trading Firm At 21
Sam Kavanagh 55 mins

117. Trading Nut

90% Accurate Swing Trader, AnthonysWorld
Anthony Williams 48 mins

116. Trading Nut

Trade Your Way To The American Dream
Khaled Alsabbagh 50 mins

115. Trading Nut

US30 Trader, Cue Banks, On Ditching Forex
Cue Banks 49 mins

114. Trading Nut

Turning $30K into $100K in 2 Months
Justin Mueller 49 mins

113. Trading Nut

A Traders Evolution
Nick Shawn 45 mins

112. Trading Nut

Making 000's After Blowing 20 Accounts
Controller FX 38 mins

111. Trading Nut

TradingView Top Author Shares Story
Richard Nasr 60 mins

110. Trading Nut

Multiply Your Income Through Trading
Pajama Billionaire 65 mins

109. Trading Nut

How To Place 2nd At Forex World Cup
Scott Welsh 48 mins

108. Trading Nut

Ditch Your Degree For Forex??
Cas Daamen 35 mins

107. Trading Nut

How To Trade Forex Fundamentals
Kevin Jahoda 43 mins

106. Trading Nut

Discovering the Market Makers Secrets
Nick Nechanicky 44 mins

105. Trading Nut

Is Taking BabyPips Free Course Enough
Connor Skeet 40 mins

104. Trading Nut

21 Year Old Trader Who Never Took A Course
Jack Doyle 45 mins

103. Trading Nut

How I Made 7-Figures & Now Manage Billions
Nathan Sage 56 mins

102. Trading Nut

From "C" Grade to "Cash" Grade
Drewize Banks 45 mins

101. Trading Nut

ICT Banned Him, Now He Trades Forex for a Living
Institute Trader 49 mins
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