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While 10 pips a day may not sound like a lot, or even enough to make trading worthwhile. The irony is it’s more than most traders can muster. And being able to do it whilst holding down a full time day job (with commute) makes it all the more appealing.

Zoheb Noormohamed (aka One Glance Trader) does just that. He’s a marketing executive who trades on the side and has found a method to make him a consistent 10 pips a day trading Forex.

To hear Zoheb’s story, discover how he manages the job/trader lifestyle, learn his strategy and get access to his popular indicators, check out the podcast interview and bonus video below.

Podcast Interview


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MetaTrader 4


Zoheb’s Day Trading Forex Strategy

Key Lessons

[06:41] The challenge I had was when I was working a full-time job is I can’t always watch the chart.

[09:26] Having a full-time job is not something that means I can afford to spend all my time looking at charts.

[10:32] I’m very active on various forums like Forex Factory and things like that.

[11:50] I still love my job. I love what I do on a day-to-day basis but, I love the game of trading. I find it fascinating.

[12:36] Trading provides me a good second, supplement income but, for me, I don’t want trading to be my main overall income.

Zoheb Noormohamed Quote 2

[13:19] Trading can be quite lonely.

[16:59] I’m adjusting my risk based on the number of tick boxes or confluence factors that may come to play.

[19:40] I will risk more than 3% only if I’ve got the profit to do so.

[21:03] I’m still keeping my risk principles in place, not doing anything ridiculous.

[31:12] You’ve got to be in a position of trading with money you can afford to lose.

Zoheb Noormohamed Quote 3

[31:23] If you’re going to invest “x” amount of money into trading, you got at least be able to have another revenue stream.

[33:04] You have to set realistic targets.

[33:08] Have a trading plan on what your trading style is.

[40:12] Try to understand what trading is to you and what you want to get out of it and then adjust your risk management, your mindset, and your trading strategy to fit around that.

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