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Profit Share 80% 50% 50%
Minimum Time to Acquire a Funded Account Time Taken to
Pass Evaluation
21 Days Immediately
Type of Testing Account Demo/Paper Trading Demo/Paper Trading Real Money Trading Account
Highest Entry Level Funded Account $5,000 USD $300,000 USD $52,000 USD
Trading Hours Overnight Allowed.
No Weekend Trading Allowed
Overnight Allowed.
Only Hedging
Over Weekends
Overnight Allowed.
Over Weekends Allowed.
News Trading Allowed
Fee Type Monthly Subscription Free or One Time
Deposit Fully
Refundable + Interest
One Time Fee
Guaranteed Growth Contact TopstepFX Double Balance
Within First Year
(Multiple Accounts Allowed
To Fast Track This)
10% Gain for
100% Increase
(Up to a 1.28 Million
Dollar Account Size)
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