Step into the world of trading and you’re hit with a barrage of confusing jargon, dubious characters, and questionable companies. It’s no wonder Sharline Fx initially saw trading as a one-dimensional, cutthroat world after transitioning from a career in law enforcement to full-time trader.

But Sharline didn’t have to face this challenge alone. Thanks to the expert guidance of top mentors, Cue Banks and Raja Banks, and her discovery of scalping, Sharline overcame the obstacles and transformed from a chronic account blower to a rapid account grower.

Now, she’s taking the trading world by storm with her innovative combination of Cue and Raja’s proven strategies.

Get ready to hear Sharline’s inspiring journey and witness her trading prowess in action. Check it all out below!

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Sharline’s Trading Strategy Video


Key Lessons

[16:38] You can learn trading from certain people, but you’re always going to add your own little twist.

[26:50] The higher timeframe correlations is everything with trade.

[34:40] It’s about preference and everyone’s different level of risk.

[40:43] You can’t really be a trader if you’re not willing to risk something.

[40:47] To make big money, you have to risk big money.

[41:34] It’s not about your account size. It’s about your psychology and your skill.

[42:49] You have to know what you want to see happen and that’s going to give you the confidence to get it.

[44:10] You cannot just take a trade and say whatever happens, happens if the markets are too volatile for that.

[44:45] It’s all about the setup and it’s about planning your trade from beginning to end.

[54:21] if you’re not able to give the charts 100%, your undivided attention, you’re already in the negative.

[54:39] You have to stick to your rules, stick to your discipline, stick to your trading plan.

[57:40] You have to have a certain level of knowledge and experience for you to even think that you’re going to be profitable in these markets.

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