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After interviewing traders from around the globe I find some find success early while others take 5+ years!

Raja Rakeel (aka WicksDontLie) had the winning combination of finding the right mentor and a winning approach, early on. But what Raja learned was that short term success doesn’t always stick around for the long term.

Earning $500 a day (before work) Raja started to neglect his job and dream about a life funded through his trading.

To find out how things took a turn for the worst and how Raja eventually found long term success… Listen below.

Podcast Interview


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YouTube – WicksDontLie
Instagram – @wicksdontlie

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Key Lessons

[10:31] We started to have like a strong foothold in this social trading environment.

[11:08] I think the biggest problem people have is with discipline.

[12:48] When people start trading, they come to trading to have an independence of time.

[13:13] You need to be able to choose a bracket of your day.

[16:06] Forex to me was like, “Okay, if you wanna sell you have to buy something.”

[16:44] If you wanna do something big and if you wanna do something right, you need to know the right people.

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[21:52] What I found out was that all their profitable trades they had the same candle setup.

[24:34] If you have a 30-minute candle closing bearish then there’s a high chance for the next 30-minute candle to continue bearish as well.

[29:23] I encourage everyone who’s listening to send your charts to someone who can review them for you.

[29:42] Forex is like a sport, the more you play, the more someone watches you play, the better they’ll be able to assist you with that.

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[33:08] When price starts to consolidate, it will start to consolidate in an area where it had consolidated before or it had rejected an area before.

[40:04] There has to be a correction to balance the market.

[44:43] When I have free time, then I have time to overtrade. When you don’t have free time, you’re not overtrading.

[45:35] Always look for where your stop is gonna be before you even thinking about the trade.

[47:47] In the markets you will get paid to wait and if you’re not gonna wait you will be paying the market.

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