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If you’re a culprit of strategy hopping then this episode with Sacha FxDawg may give you the answer.

A student of Cue Banks, Ryan Gilpin and Raja Banks (WicksDontLie), to name a few, Sacha managed to do something many don’t. He took the best from all their trading courses, melded them together to create something that worked with his personality and most importantly, the markets.

To find out what elements he gleaned from these Forex gurus, and how he pieced it all together, dive in below!

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

Instagram – @sacha_fxdawg
YouTube – Trade With The Pack
Website –

Broker & Platform

BlackBull Market
MetaTrader 4

Sacha’s Trading Approach

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Key Lessons

[12:13] If you’re only demo trading, the problem is you have no emotion and you’re not going to be managing your trade the same way.

[19:16] You need to focus on one thing first. Master it. Understand it.

[24:49] Long-term vision. It’s the most important thing to have if you’d want to go through this journey.

[25:44] If you don’t understand the long-term vision, you’re not going to make it.

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[30:18] If you’re trading to make money, don’t do it because you will lose it.

[30:26] If you’re trading to learn the skill and eventually, you’ll make money, now do it.

[30:46] A big part of trading is about confidence and trust in yourself.

[32:11] If you understand price action it’s going to release a lot of stress.

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[36:29] Don’t give up. Just keep pushing. Trust yourself.

[38:12] Build up your playbook and know exactly how and when to use those plays.

[40:30] If people don’t grow as an individual, they cannot grow as a business person and trading is your own business.

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