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Coming from a business family, Octavion Gibson was given control of his first business at the early age of 15.

Now he’s president of the family trucking empire, and with some clever time management, managed to master the Forex market in just a few short years.

He’s now just 20 and told me offline that opening the charts was like going to the ATM.

He took mentor-ship from past guest, Andre Stewart, who helped him get to the point where he took a high risk account form $10,000 to $90,000 in just two days.

It wasn’t easy to get to that point though. He spent a lot of hours and sleepless nights studying while managing his businesses during the day.

These days Octavion and Andre have partnered up to help as many traders as they can, beat the markets with institutional techniques at

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Multiple 3 letter trading abbreviations the institutions use and how you can apply them
  • Most important thing you need to know about candlesticks
  • How you can determine price patterns easily
  • How you can get rid of indicators to have a better understanding of what the chart is telling you
  • What and how to determine a V reversal pattern
  • The top 10 fastest currency pairs you can trade
  • Useful tips for you to become a successful trader
  • One of the best trading setups you have to learn
  • A great advice in finding and mastering a working trading setup
  • What you have to look for if you are news trading
  • How to determine the strengths in a supply zone

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