52 traders market predictionWith the year well underway, we have two useful forecasts for March.

The analysis supplied by Art Collins is phenomenal and anyone looking to get an edge in March has found the right guide. This sort of statistical analysis is so useful and in just two paragraphs you’ll know which side of the market is in your favor.

Now onto the cryptocurrencies. And what better way to trade Bitcoin and Litecoin than a using a robot. Makes sense right? Ivo Luhse talks us through a what his algos are telling us about these markets and how his entry and exit have created a free trade for him.

Please note: The predictions below are for educational and entertainment purposes only, they are not financial advice and should not be used to make financial decisions of any kind.

March 2018 Market Predictions

ES (S&P Futures)
Expect More Downside Market Fireworks

By Art Collins of ArtCollinsTrading.com

art collinsIn February, we saw a near instantaneous return of volatility, coming on the heels of a lengthy low-activity period. The Dow’s worst single day point drop record was finally shattered after having held for nine years. In late January, the S&P futures hit an all-time high of 2878.50. The huge February drop took it to a low of 2529. The market then reclaimed 61 percent of its losses at its 2742 recovery high. The month end close was 2714.50, slightly above the total move’s median.

This could portend a renewed spring to the upside, but I think a re-test of the lows is more likely. The S&P’s are certainly in overbought territory. They had nine up months in a row through January. The last time that occurred was in 1959. Two days before the month’s end, we saw a downside key reversal meaning the market traded higher than the previous day but closed lower than the low. The daily chart shows an apparent downside rollover. I will be using systems to try to find a good short side placement for an intermediate-to-long term March play.

art collins ES S&P Futures prediction
Art Collins’ ES S&P Futures Prediction

Bitcoin, Litecoin
Crypto Robot Update

By Ivo Luhse of EvestInForex.com

ivo luhseQuick look at our Crypto Robot, analyzing current open trades and looking at potential trades we’re expecting over the next coming weeks.

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