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Kevin Hunt didn’t know what to do after losing everything he invested in an IT company he built. He began looking for alternative options to make money. It was by pure chance after a trip from India in 2011 that he learned about Forex trading. However, he didn’t do anything about it until 2013 when he tried installing a trading app on his phone and started trading a demo account.

He eventually took trading more seriously and experimented with different strategies. Unfortunately, none them worked and it wasn’t until three trading accounts later, before things started to change for the better.

Kevin met his mentor Kim Krompass. Bit by bit he gained the knowledge and the abilities he needed to become a successful trader. You can hear Kevin’s full story and learn how he sees the market in this in-depth interview:

Podcast Interview


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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

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Key Lessons

  • [21:36] The longer I trade this system she’s using the more I’ll be able to recognize what she’s seeing and push those trades a bit more.
  • [23:45] It’s very methodical, it’s very straightforward, it’s an easy set of rules to follow and if you can do that and approach it with the right mindset, it’s where I’ve been successful.
  • [27:23] The majority of that kind of media and news is just filling space and making money.
  • [27:03] I would never say “Yeah, I’ve got it. I know everything about this trading” or “I’m gonna continuously make money”. It’s an ongoing process that I don’t think will ever end.
  • [41:58] If I decide that I’m gonna do something or I want to get something, I usually get it or I can do it purely through determination.
  • [42:33] The one thing that I really like about trading is that anyone if they’re determined to do it and work hard enough for it, they can be successful.
  • [43:19] No one knows who I am trading the markets. It’s when I’m trading the markets and it’s purely that’s in my knowledge and my ability that determines whether I’m successful or not.
  • [48:40] We don’t need to know what the news event is. We don’t even need to know the result of that news event is…I’m looking at what the price is doing in the chart and that is all I look at to take a trade.
  • [53:02] There are no two moments in the markets that are identical, every moment is unique.
  • [56:22] Mindset is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter which strategy, criteria you’re using, mindset ties all of them together.
  • [57:55] Don’t try and control those emotions. Let those emotions happen. Spend your time and energy concentrating on making sure that those emotions don’t affect the way you trade.

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Kevin’s Trading

  • He trades the Forex Market
  • He’s a day trader using Price Action as his strategy
  • Works on the 15-minute candles without using any indicators
  • His average trade duration is between 2.5 hours to 4 hours
  • He works with very tight stops
  • He focuses and trades only 10 pairs – EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, CADJPY, and NZDUSD
  • He is still working to improve his trading psychology
  • He doesn’t keep any stats of his trading
  • He works on a Lot size that reflects half of his capital
  • His stops range from 8 to 12 pips
  • He trades London session on Wednesdays and Thursdays and New York session on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
  • He hasn’t done any backtesting
  • News trade is his favorite entry setup

Kevin’s Strategy of the Week

  • He watches when the next red news event is and looks at the pairs linked to it
  • He checks what the price and the candles are doing and tries to hold back until the spreads normalize
  • He determines which way he’s going to trade based on price action

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