kim krompassKim Krompass is a licensed CPA, has an Undergraduate’s Degree in Economics, and a Master’s Degree in Business. She also trades Forex.

It was in 2005, after retiring from her previous job when she decided to trade the stock market. With the help of her financial background, she did well. But things changed when the global financial crisis happened in 2008. She lost a lot of money and found out her, once profitable strategy, no longer worked so well.

Kim took a long break to give herself time to think about the future of her trading career. She took the plunge and learned price action trading… and the rest is history.

In 2012, Kim Krompass started Price Action Traders Institute where she teaches aspiring traders how to trade using Price Action.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • 3 questions you should ask yourself at the start of the trading day
  • risky trading strategy you should avoid
  • Why trading Forex is better than any other market
  • The recommended risk percentage for traders
  • One trait you may need to fix
  • The nicest thing about trading price action
  • Kim’s Cryptocurrency insights
  • No. 1 reason why a lot of traders get confused with their trades
  • The beauty of using price as your trading criteria
  • A good recommendation for retail traders

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