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Today, we bring you the story of Joe Caruso, a former Amazon delivery driver turned Forex trader who has taken the trading world by storm with the help of his mentor, Derek Vandelinder.

After just six months of trading Derek’s strategy, Joe consistently turned a profit. And these days his mentor ranks his trading skills above his own.

But his success didn’t come easy. Joe faced challenges that would have held many back, including struggling with addiction for 10 years. Despite this, he was always able to secure funding from prop firms, and today he is a 95% win rate trader, a testament to his resilience and determination.

Join us as we delve into Joe’s story, learn about his winning strategy, and discover how his mentor, Derek Vandelinder, played a crucial role in helping Joe achieve his goals.

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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

Key Lessons

[11:40] It’s very hard to be profitable on your first year of trading just because of the psychological lessons that you have to learn.

[25:34] There are times that something looks better on the H5 than it does on the H4.

[31:21] If you are patient, you stay disciplined and you wait for your confluences and your timeframes to line up, you are almost guaranteed a win.

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[35:10] There’s such a relationship between the type of personal growth you have to do as somebody who’s in recovery compared to somebody who’s trying to become a profitable trader.

[36:50] Don’t get stuck up. Don’t feel like you’re above using indicators.

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[39:34] Two or three confluences doesn’t always beat the higher timeframe if it’s going against you.

[40:36] If you lose your money too fast it takes you out of the game.

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