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Wow! It’s great to see people succeed in this industry, and even better when you have their full story.

I first met Derek back in episode 81 of my 52 Traders podcast. He had an amazing win rate and achieved a winning streak most of us could only dream of. However it wasn’t all plain sailing… especially when fancy cars were involved.

Today you’ll hear how Derek grew from a single man finding early success trading Forex into a family man who trades Forex and Crypto for a living. You’ll also learn what it takes to come back from a heavy loss.

Plus, find out where you can get his full course… for FREE! It’s great to see that he’s giving back to the community in a BIG WAY!

Podcast Interview


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Derek’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[06:23] Any type of news during Brexit will move the market like crazy.

[12:57] When people are over-trading, trade too much, trying to do too much on the market, this is what’s holding them back.

[16:50] Most people will fail and this is because they just can’t follow a plan.

[17:00] You could have 80% of what you’re doing right but the 20% that you’re doing wrong is going to be holding you back.

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[19:28] You just gotta be grateful for what you make.

[36:10] If you’re watching the 1 and 4-hour, especially if you’re a new trader, it’s not very exciting.

[36:33] The more you see the patterns happen over and over again, they’re going to be ingrained in your memory.

[39:27] If you have emotions when you’re trading, you’re not ready.

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[41:45] When you’re starting out, you definitely should not be relying on trading as an income.

[42:38] You absolutely need a plan when you’re trading.

[45:30] Confluence equals confidence within trading.

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