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Hooman HD comes highly recommended by former guest Brandon Abass. These days a mentor at Forexia, Hooman has a unique approach to reading price action, back testing it and trading in general. Producing probably the most unique charting video I’ve seen on the channel in a long while.

Hooman started off in a place you and I are probably quite familiar with when travelling: An actual foreign exchange shop. To hear how he eventually ended up sitting in one while recording our interview, take a listen or watch below.

Podcast Interview


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Emotion Free Trading by Larry Levin

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Hooman’s Trading Strategy

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Key Lessons

[12:16] Financial market doesn’t care about what you draw. In fact the candles are the language of the market.

[12:26] If you can read and process the information coming out of a candle, you can get the idea of what’s going to happen next.

[12:51] Stop drawing nonsense on your charts.

[13:40] Price is the language of the market.

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[18:55] You cannot get mad at your losses and you cannot celebrate your wins. You have to always be neutral.

[25:56] Back test is the only way for you to be able to see market the way it is.

[26:24] The same pattern that happened years ago will happen at the future event.

[27:50] If you’re not enjoying your back test, you’re not understanding the strategy properly.

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[32:29] Market is a big mirror. It will show you your true self.

[37:01] With the right risk management, you can be any trader.

[38:17] Understand the basics of the numbers in the market and what their definitions are.

[43:00] Do not get signals from anyone. You better learn to do it yourself.

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