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The high praise Brandon Abass, a Forex trader from Trinidad and Tobago, was given by the student who urged me to get him on the show… was well deserved.

Skeptical at first, as I always am, I was overwhelmed after interviewing Brandon… As you will be too when you have a listen to our chat.

The title says this guy is “Bad Ass” as it is… but once you hear what Brandon shares in the show and then check out his strategy breakdown video… you’ll be blown away!

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Podcast Interview


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IC Markets
MetaTrader 4

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Key Lessons

[13:22] You can really only understand something when you can explain it to somebody else.

[23:58] Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different result.

[24:44] In order to be successful you need to change a lot of things.

[30:34] Don’t go against the momentum that the market is showing you.

[31:45] The real work in this industry is in your mind.

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[32:21] Emotion is what really drives the market.

[33:59] When you set your trading plan, the hard part is not writing your trading dialogue, it’s following your rules.

[41:01] Educate yourself and understand the direction of the market.

[41:55] Traders who prioritize on entry technique might fall victim to having a very good entry style but getting the direction wrong.

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[42:25] Don’t go against the momentum unless a reversal is clear.

[44:44] Understand the entire number aspect of a price chart.

[45:28] Try to learn about yourself in relation to the price chart.

[52:58] By no means, being a trader is easy.

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