This week I interviewed He Shuhan a Spot Forex trader from Singapore who has a vast array of experience and an eclectic CV to boot. These days He Shuhan focuses mainly on Spot Forex, but started his trading career in 2001 and he’s traded almost everything, including Options, Futures, Commodities and Stocks. He’s also an expert in trading system development (fully automated and completely discretionary) and has an interest in investment analysis, planning, execution, computer simulations, philosophy and history.

When he’s not trading you’ll find him running his own brokerage or training dealers, investment bankers and central bankers as well as featuring in major state newspapers and on radio.

In the show He Shuhan reveals:

  • How he reads the markets using non-time based charts
  • The two things you need to do to become a successful trader (that you probably don’t want to do)
  • A free resource that will change the way you look at the markets
  • The indicator he uses to dynamically manage trailing stops

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