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goran carlforsThree years ago, Göran Carlfors stumbled on the trading world.

While his primary income comes from his own “reading glasses” business he was looking for something to help build wealth while his business paid the bills – that’s where trading came in.

He started his journey by taking a 1-year trading course from Academy of Financial Trading where he learned the technical part of trading, how to read the charts, and most importantly, trading psychology.

While this was a good start he struggled to turn a profit.

Then he found POGO, a super simple to learn and use, semi-automated trading strategy.

1st August to 7th October 2018
(Real Account | Real Before & After)
We’re putting Göran and POGO to the challenge.
We’ve taken a before shot (Join as a Pro Member to access) of his account and will be getting him back on the show in October to see how things go.
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In the show you’ll discover:

  • What you need to understand about trading different strategies
  • A problem that you’ll encounter when you are learning how to trade
  • The book that helped Göran a lot with his trading
  • One of many problems that traders are experiencing especially who have day jobs
  • The 3 rules that you need to follow when using the POGO strategy
  • How POGO strategy works and how to trade it effectively
  • 2 wonderful trading psychology tips

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