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Here’s the sequel to last week’s episode with Göran Carlfors which was a rerun from 9 months ago. Göran’s going to share his trading experience using POGO and the addition of a new strategy (You’ll have to listen or watch to find out what this new strategy is and how it works).

Also in this episode, the creator of the these strategies, Judy van Niekerk, explains how these semi-automated strategies work and their benefits over most other strategies on the market.

And not only that, She’s going to pinpoint some of the mistakes most of us do on a regular basis and her own personal tips to help you avoid them.


Learn how to: 1) Cut your draw down, 2) Increase your success rate, 3) Eliminate stressful trading and 4) apply the “Trading Genius Model”

Podcast Interview


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POGO & BUGSY Strategies Explained

In this short video Judy walks you through the Pogo and Bugsy strategies and how you use the trading robot to execute trades.

You’ll also hear more words of wisdom from Judy that are bound to help improve your trading psychology.


Learn how to: 1) Cut your draw down, 2) Increase your success rate, 3) Eliminate stressful trading and 4) apply the “Trading Genius Model”

Key Lessons

  • [08:05] I’ve always heard that trading is 20% technical and 80% psychology and I never really believed it but I do now.
  • [13:35] By combining POGO and BUGSY, you can get much more trades and also very, very good trades.
  • [19:08] I do my watchlist very, very quickly now and I only take trades on trending instruments.
  • [33:01] Trading is simple, it’s logical, it’s price action. You buy and you sell at the best possible moments.
  • [34:09] You need to treat trading as a business.
  • [35:17] You’re a money manager first, you’re trader a second.
  • [36:36] If you’re in a draw down you need to start inquiring, is it you or is it the market? If it’s the market, then stop. If it’s you, then stop.
  • [37:24] You need to have targets both ways not just for your draw down but also for reaching your targets.

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  • [39:09] Master one strategy at a time.
  • [40:26] The strategy that you use must compliment your lifestyle and must compliment your strengths and weaknesses as well.
  • [46:48] POGO or BUGSY, they’re like having your own mini traders that work for you 24 hours a day nonstop.
  • [51:32] You can’t break the fundamental laws of nature. Your heart and soul know that.
  • [52:07] Until you can manage your emotions around money, you will not manage trading.
  • [56:20] 99% of traders have a reduced timeframe. They judge their trading from trade to trade.
  • [61:56] Whatever is going on your life you’re gonna be putting that into your trading.

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Judy’s Trading

  • She created POGO and BUGSY strategy
  • She trades Forex, Indices, and Commodities
  • She uses the 80/20 rule of trading – 80% is mindset and 20% is the actual trading
  • She trades trend on H4 timeframe
  • She has an average of 74% winning rate
  • She does her Monday morning analysis on a webinar in less than 15 minutes

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