With a bit of gambler’s luck, Emma Muhleman first’s trade ever turned $2000 into $4000 in just 2 days! She was amazed how easy it is to profit from trading and instantly became obsessed.

Emma took an Options and Futures Trading course while at college. She’s since worked with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. After finishing her CFA, Emma started working on hedge funds, doing macroeconomics, and fundamental equity analysis. She built her own Algorithmic Trading Strategy, focuses on Quant professionally and is currently studying at Harvard.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How Emma’s Algorithmic Trading Strategy works
  • Simplified definition of Linear Regression
  • Unusual places big institutions are sourcing data these days
  • How you can compound your capital at much higher rate
  • 2 programming languages you need to focus on
  • The art of data mining and how you can benefit from it
  • Comparisons between Emma’s Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Trading Strategies
  • Emma’s recommendations for retail traders

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