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Daniel Caluzzi, isn’t the first serious tennis player I’ve had on the show, but he does bring a unique perspective I did get form the other trader (who ended up ranking 5th in the 2020 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading®) – click here for that interview.

Daniel is unique in the fact that he’s used some of the mindset hacks he applied during tennis match play, to trading the Forex market. Today you get to learn how he’s applied them and how it helped him on his journey to becoming a full time trader with a years experience under his belt.

Podcast Interview


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Principles by Ray Dalio

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Daniel’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[08:03] When you’re trading on the Stock market it’s very hard to earn a full-time income.

[10:10] Don’t get stuck looking at a short trade, also keeping in mind the long-term opportunity too.

[10:51] When looking at bad trades, the key is to not get angry to yourself.

[11:08] Behind every bad trade there’s actually a lesson.

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[11:36] As traders it’s agile to identify the lesson behind every trade.

[14:52] There’s so many things that you can learn trading real money that demo doesn’t allow you to.

[24:07] Putting money aside every single month, every single week, from your job, and adding it to your trading account can be really beneficial in the long term.

[24:35] The hardest part to get through is not so much the strategy part, it’s the emotional part.

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[25:58] Pick one pair and stick to it.

[29:22] One big win doesn’t mean you’ve figured it out.

[30:22] Learning is done off the charts when you’re reassessing your performance.

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