bryan downingBryan Downing, a software developer since the age of 14, became fascinated by trading after visiting a bookstore where he discovered an Ernie Chan book.

With his programming skills and love for the financial markets, he decided to focus on automated trading.

With the knowledge he learned from Ernie’s book, he began experimenting with many different software and programming languages and now runs an active community of quant taders.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How the pros are making use of the “Hot Money” for their trades
  • Recommended strategy to minimize your losses
  • How you can gauge the volatility of a certain currency
  • Qualities of a broker you should be looking for
  • A major challenge you’ll face regarding automated trading
  • Different helpful data sources and how to use them
  • The hardware you should have if you’re into automated trading
  • What you should be aware of to avoid losing money
  • The unseen mistake most traders are doing
  • Reasons why most of the successful traders are not doing backtesting
  • A sophisticated simulator you can use to test a strategy in real time data

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