With only 4 traders  to go before hitting the magic goal I set myself of “52 Traders (a full years worth of weekly insight)”, we’ve had a slight slow down in the frequency of episodes as I was away for almost a month attending my sister-in-law’s wedding in the UK.

The family and I had a great time with the perfect weather and I was even lucky enough to have one of my listeners invite me to Chelsea versus Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, thanks to Simon! Although my team, Chelsea, lost it was a truly magical experience and one I won’t be forgetting any time soon. What’s more I had a good chat to Simon about trading, automated trading in fact and it seems he’s making good progress in this space with the help of some buddies.

Here we are at the ground about to enjoy the match.

My Trading Update [Holds head in hands]

Let’s just say the reason I’ve left it so long between updates is due to the lack of performance on my part. However… at the end of the day, direction is more important than speed. You might be fast but if you’re aiming at the wrong direction you’ll never hit the mark. As they say, progress is more important than perfection.

Take a listen to the show to find out how I’ve progressed and these other nuggets:

  • What I learned by blowing 3 live accounts
  • Why automating your trading strategies is only the first step
  • Lessons I value today

Only 4 to go… And I Want Your Advice

As I mentioned, we’re about to hit the magical 52 traders and the insights they’ve given us have been invaluable.

But as I interview more and more people, it also gets harder and harder to get traders to give up so much Intellectual Property (IP).

This is completely understandable given we’re in a business where some people need to protect their secrets because it’s their livelihood.

So I’m looking for your feedback to help me decide on the direction I should take the show after my 52nd trader.

Simply complete this 3 Question Survey or send me a message, comment or email – any and all feedback will be much appreciated!

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