trading-experimentThree weeks have passed since some of my listeners took up Nick’s (my anonymous trader from Episode 31) offer to turn their trading around in just 3 weeks.

If you’ve missed the story so far, jump back to the “Before Show” to hear the guys tell their story and what they’d hoped to get out of this experiment.

Now, fast forward 3 weeks and we have most of them back on the show to see how they went. Hit “Play” below to take a listen:

Where did our 6 traders end up?

During the experiment we lost a couple of traders, Mark pulled out of the course after deciding it wasn’t for him. And unfortunately Andre wasn’t able to make the live recording, but I was able to get his thoughts on paper and have included them below.

The good news is, I was able to replace Mark with Kamil who was among the handful of others who went through the program.

Right, without further ado, let’s hear what our traders from the Before Show thought after just 3 weeks:

Jonathan: His Confidence is Back!


  • Now thinks the markets are more attainable
  • Liked Nick’s way of looking at Price Action and Support/Resistance
  • His confidence grew from 30% to 60-70% because he gave himself permission to take 1-2 pip wins instead always trying for a risk to reward ratio of 1:2 or more
  • Watching Nick trade, he saw him take 1 and 2 pips often and anything up to 10 pips
  • Copying Nick’s approach felt easy
  • Having a high number of trades increased his confidence because he knew he could cover any loses in a short period of time
  • Having draw down last hours instead of days meant that he could have a positive day almost every single day
  • He believes his confidence will grow even further with more practice
  • He feels the main difference is in the confidence
  • As one guy said to him in the past, “Do what is easy” and he finds this approach very easy
  • He made 7% return last year and yesterday, using Nick’s approach, he made 2.9% return
  • Sees himself trading 2-3 hours a day in 6 months’ time to help diversify his income
  • His end goal is to be a trader and do consulting for fun

Linda: Still At Break Even But Much More Confident 


  • Now has a completely different view of the markets
  • Would never have opened a 1 minute chart before
  • Trading both legs (buy/sell) at the same time was something she’d never seen before
  • She found Nick’s approach to market cycles different from what she had learnt before
  • Reduced the number of currency pairs she traded from 6 to 2
  • Her confidence levels are much, much higher than her original score of 55%
  • Doesn’t think she could trade like Nick yet because she would be “sweating buckets”
  • She feels less emotional but her emotions are still not quite fully under control
  • Likes Nick’s EA that allows her to easily open and close positions
  • Thought that scalpers never made any money but now she’s changed that viewpoint
  • In 6 months she would like to be making 20 pips per day trading just a couple of hours a day. She thinks this is now possible with what she’s learnt in the past 3 weeks.

Naresh: A Trend Trader Who’s Seen The Light


  • Trading on the 1 minute chart was an eye opener as most people had told him that there’s too much noise
  • Realized he was missing the most important part of the market – volume
  • Thought Nick’s education on Market Cycles, Price Deviation and Volume was exceptional
  • It allowed him to see the market in a totally different light
  • His confidence grew from 65% to about 80%
  • The number of positive trades, the accuracy of entries due to the way the indicators are setup (“it’s no longer a guessing game”) contributed to his increase in confidence
  • Doesn’t feel he can trade without volume now because it’s the leading indicator
  • He likes that he’s no longer waiting a few days for a setup and instead can open up the 1 minute chart and immediately start trading
  • Liked trading the news which was different from what he had seen before
  • Was amazed at how Nick traded the news and was constantly banking pips

Here’s a look at Naresh’s most recent trading session:


Pascal: Newbie?? Not Any More


  • Seeing the data in Nick’s indicators opened up a whole new facet of the market most people don’t get to see
  • Now he doesn’t think he would trade without seeing this data – he feels like he’d be blind
  • Felt his confidence grew so quickly because of the number of trades he placed in such a short period of time
  • This style of trading suits him better from an emotional standpoint versus swing trading
  • Made 8.4% on his account today after placing 109 trades
  • One major revelation was: Where he would previously avoid the news in the past, he’s now waiting for the news to hit so he can catch the volume and volatility
  • The main difference for him was that he could see how Nick’s style of trading was going to fit into his life
  • He liked that you could turn on the platform and within a few minutes you could be placing trades, then leave and come back to it if you needed to do something else
  • Helps you cut your losing trades easily because the data is telling you to
  • Because of the dynamic approach you can follow every move of the markets

Here’s a look at Pascal’s trading day mentioned in the show:


Andre: Scammed? Not this time


Andre emailed his answers through as he couldn’t make the recording; so here’s what he had to say:

  • I see now that the markets are sneaky and that you have to adopt the mindset of a market maker to really be in tune with the market
  • My confidence is hovering between 75-80% [Ed: up from 30% initially]
  • The way that I view the market has changed and strategy as well. I see all the flaws of having a lagging approach in a dynamic market
  • Since the training I have fired my broker, comparing live charts and I see the manipulation and why my trades would go south in a hurry
  • Months from now I see myself as being a consistent trader with a broader knowledge base of the inner workings of the market and working towards being a full time trader. And spending more time with my wife and 2 kids.

Now, let’s hear from our “ring in” Kamil…

Kamil: No Longer Thinks Trading Is A Random Game Of Chance


  • Has been trading for a year now
  • Trades like a day job; anywhere between 8-14 hours a day in front of the charts
  • His confidence went from 0% to 75% after Nick’s training
  • He traded the 6 majors before and now he’s just focused on Nick’s two (EURUSD/ GBPUSD)
  • He likes that it’s non lagging trading
  • He previously trade the 1 hour chart and now, using the 1 minute chart, feels he can make up any losses much quicker
  • He also realized he was a scalper and liked this type of trading
  • He no longer thinks trading is a “random game”
  • In 6 months’ time he feels he could become a full time trader

Here’s one of Kamil’s sessions:



Overall average confidence of the group increased from 46% to around the 70-80% mark. Truly amazing.

If you’d like to ask any of the traders above a question then please post a comment below and I’ll make sure it reaches them.

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