We first met Aaron Oetting back on episode 22 where we heard his story – going from Clown school to eCommerce store owner. 2019 sees him change tact again. This year his goal is to become a full time stock trader.

In this update we hear how Aaron has been getting on with the help of his mentor and past guest, Jerremy Newsome.

And if you missed the recording of Aaron’s first mentoring session, I urge you to watch it below. It’s packed full of trading gems, and not just for Stock traders.

Life Hack for air travel

Oh, and in this episode I drop a life hack that’s bound to help if you often fall sick after air travel (or ever get an ear ache).

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Aaron’s first mentoring session

Watch as Jerremy walks through exactly how he would take trade after trade on the Macron Technology stock.

It’s by far one of the most interesting approaches I’ve seen. It’ll give you great context to what the winners are actually doing in the markets.

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