Today I announced the winners of Nick’s competition and the entries were all so good that I asked Nick if we could have more than 3 winners. After some arm twisting, I’m happy to announce that the 27 traders who entered the prize draw have all been given the chance to learn from Nick himself!

There has been, however, one proviso – they must attend all the training sessions and anyone who misses a session or fails to turn up will be dropped from the program.

As I said, the responses I had were so good, that I thought it would be a shame not to share them, so I’ve pasted the 10 best emails below for your reading pleasure – You may find their stories resonate with you and even learn a thing of two about your own trading 😉

Here’s the short episode announcing the winners:

And the responses…

Contestant #1:

Good evening Cam,

I want to submit my entry for Nick and his training.

My trading journey started 3 years ago. I traded on demo for the fear of the risk and wanting to learn the markets before I was able to know everything that I could before I could trade with real capital. I bought books All About Forex Trading and read the book from cover to cover. So being confident I decided to jump into the world of live trading. A few trades went my way and I thought that I was some hot shot trader that was going to be rich in the next year. Didn’t happen, I ended up blowing my account down to nothing literally nothing. So I figured that there was so much stuff out there that I still didn’t know well at all. So I learned about the broker system and liquidity providers and learned that brokers take the opposite side of the trades in some instances and I know that I was being traded against.

So fast forward to a year I came across a guy by the name of Reza who goes by the social media handle Ocean sky. He was giving out free trading advice via periscope and his trades were working on my demo account. So he started a company called mentor tips and I joined because he seemed like a stand-up guy. Turns out that he didn’t know how to trade and was taking signals from another trader Aidan Chan. Also the courses that were in the program were ripped off straight from Toronto and he is currently being sued for that. Also, turns out that the guy had a brokerage called capital trust markets that was riddled with scam and him supposedly stealing profits from a ton of traders and just giving them back their initial deposits back. The set up that he was giving his students were horrible no risk management no risk to reward ratios. I cancelled my membership and attended online trading academy. They teach Supply and Demand based trading.

While I feel like there is a lot of merit to supply and demand based trading I don’t feel like that Is the end all be all to trading and that there is more to it then just supply and demand zones. I have been making small profits with my own analysis and zone trading and I just know that there is something that is missing when it comes to the market. That is why I want to enter the drawing to learn from nick. I am not afraid to spend money on the education as long as it has been proven to work. My end all is freedom and to fire my boss and travel with my wife and two kids. I refuse to have to look my kids in the eyes and tell them that I cannot afford to get them a toy that they want or we never bought a house of our own because I didn’t make the sacrifice to learn and master trading.

Sorry that it is long but I hope that you have the insight to how my mind works and my passion for trading

best regards”

Contestant #2:

Hi Cam,

My name is [Withheld], and I have been learning about trading for about a year now, and I have been through many ups and downs in the journey. I have spent thousands of dollars on other peoples training courses which are basically rehashed information that you can get anywhere from every internet resource and it has not gotten me very far for the amount of money that I have spent. I have a live account through Oanda and have managed not to lose all my money, but at the same time not gain very much either. Basically stuck around break even with some nice wins, and then losses that eat away at those winners. I believe what Nick has to offer can greatly help me in my journey to becoming a successful trader, and help me to be able to support me, my girlfriend, and out our first child that we are expecting. The opportunity to learn this information would be appreciated beyond anything that words could describe.”

Contestant #3

Hi Cam,

I have just listened to your interview With Nick again and would like to be considered for Nick’s trading course.

I have traded on and off for 10yrs, plus but never been consistent, but it is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, I have tried many courses and different markets and have mainly traded CME contracts mainly bonds gold oil and forex ( euro and cable ). I have always wanted a system where stops can be small but a high win rate but this has been elusive so far.

What  I liked about what Nick said ,was 1 min chart with dynamic stops and his use of volume and price pattern with  tight money management, like trading in the pits, but mostly his understanding of how the market works and trading for just 2 hours a day and being part of a like-minded group of traders and using a broker that is on your side and he is willing to put his own money on the line for people who prove themselves. He came across as a genuine person to me.

All the Best”

Contestant #4

Hello Cam

I heard the interview with Nick last night and my trading style is similar using volume and price. I bought the basic package from Nigel Hawkes using his Volume indicator.

I’ve been trading for five plus years using all sorts of indicators and timeframes and the Wyckoff’s method resonated with me the most. I look for exhaustive candles and then an engulfing pattern in the reverse direction to enter a trade.

My main trading timeframe is the 5minute, US session only from 7:00am to 11:00am.

Kindly enter my name in the draw for how Nick trades using volume delta.

Thank you”

Contestant #5

Hi Cam,

I would most definitely be interested in Nicks training. I have been trading on and off for about 14 years now without really getting anywhere. I love trading and have taken time out from work for the rest of the year in order to become a successful trader. I believe if others have done it, so can I. For the last few months I have been applying myself to the market quite easily 14 hours a day trying to find something that works, so any help would be great.”

Contestant #6

Hey Cam,

Could you please enter me into the draw. I have been trading (or attempting to) for a few years now but like most still working away at it. I have looked into volumes partially before as deep down they make sense, so would be curious to see how someone can make them work so successfully.”

Contestant #7

Hi Cam,

Great contest !! My reply as below:

Your trading journey/story so far. Got to know about Forex about 7 years ago. Got lure into the get rich side of thing. Can’t even remember how or where i got to know about Forex in the first place. Open a small account of maybe $500 with EasyForex and probably lost most of it in a few trades. Had no idea what i was doing. Did more research and subsequently join a course which was recommended via the FxMagazine but didn’t find much success with it. Probably the style and method doesn’t suit with my own personality and also lack of commitment from myself to sit through the US session after work. Few years pass and I didn’t do much and in the last 1-2 years ago joined a copier service which was recommended from the first course but the performance, operations and communication with the copier provider is definitely below par. For 2016, been listening various podcast and researching which mentor to follow as lots of them sounds good on podcast but can fall short in reality.

Why you would like Nick’s training. Its FREE!! and on the method/style side of things truly unheard of, at least for me. Also, the returns if i heard it right from the podcast sounds outstanding. On the personal side of things, this may truly be the big break i need to discover the truth of forex away from the mass advice which has brought me nowhere till date.

Look forward for a favourable result :)”

Contestant #8

My trading needs improvement and a holding hand. The procedure you describe has special resonating effect on me as I know some indicators, but the inter relation escapes me. With Nick’s training, it will help me and subsequently will teach others to trade-that is my plan to give back to society.”

Contestant #9

Hi Cam,

I have just listened to your pod cast and am very thrilled by this offering.  I have been trading since 2011 and it has been a very typical journey for me.  Having initially lost many tens of thousands of dollars, I am only now back to a point where I can consistently either break even or make a small profit.  I love trading and I spend every spare minute of my day either learning or trading and I would really like Nicks training to take me to the next level.”

Contestant #10

Hello Cam,

Love the show!

Please Cam and Nick, help me quit my day job!

Why I would like to learn Mysterious Forex Trader Nick’s trading method:

I’m a 51 year old, married full-time government worker who works for the state of New Jersey. I realizes that my state pension is much more risky than I assumed and therefore is not guaranteed. I don’t want to jeopardize my retirement, so I’d love to learn how to earn a second source of income trading just a few hours each morning. I’ve been trading stocks for ten years and options for about six years. Today I trade mostly options: I’ve had a few home runs, but usually see losses. I’m tired of following pump & dump guru traders who claim to have unique insight into the next hot trade. I’ve heard about Forex and Currency trading but I’m hesitant because I’ve only got about $5,000 account value to risk.”

Keep an eye out for some of these traders featuring on the show in a few weeks’ time; and to see if their trading can improve with Nick’s tools and tuition.

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