Yves HilpischYves Hilpisch studied Business Administration and received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance which led him into the quant world. He worked as a financial consultant where he started using Python programming for computational finance.

Yves authored different books about Python and Finance and is the Founder/CEO of The Python Quants Group.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Why Python is good for finance and why it is the most preferred programming language
  • The most widely used package for data analysis
  • How you can start learning and applying Python to your trading
  • The minimum time you should invest to develop your first automated trading system
  • The biggest area you might struggle with when you automate your trades
  • Good advice if you want to automate your trading strategy
  • Understanding the beauty of machine learning and how you can benefit from it
  • How machine learning can help you with your backtesting
  • Simple approach to creating your first machine learning algorithm
  • The reasons why typical machine learning works well using big data sets
  • Different kinds of data sets you can use and you should be aware of

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