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In this exclusive interview, we engage in an insightful exploration of the psyche of Younis Ward, an full-time Forex trader from the UK.

Delving into unexplored territories, we unravel the intricacies that may have eluded your attention, yet profoundly impact your potential for success in the trading arena. With a notable presence at numerous trading events and a proven track record of guiding hundreds of aspiring traders towards triumph, Younis shares invaluable wisdom gained from personal triumphs in the market. Prepare to broaden your horizons as we embark on a captivating journey into the mind of a trader who has broken down our weaknesses.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[05:00] Without the ability to embrace the uncertainty, you stand zero chance in creating consistency in trading.

[05:54] You don’t know when your edge is going to present itself but, you should know that it will present itself if you built the trust in yourself and in the market.

[07:48] To develop patience is a skill.

[12:17] It’s not about when to be in the market, it’s more important to know when to stay out of the market.

[20:43] If you don’t have patience in life, you don’t have patience on the chart.

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[23:26] Most traders are trading to prove somebody that it’s not a pipe dream.

[35:00] Our equity curve is a representation of the beliefs we have about the market.

[56:48] You have to fail to get to the point that you’re speaking about.

[64:16] The way of succeeding is just as old as time. It’s by being patient and putting in the work.

[67:17] You need to be honest with yourself and traders are not very honest with themselves.

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