will huntingWill Hunting’s trading journey started just by chance when he was searching Google about “trade online” thinking it would produce results about selling physical products online, like on eBay, but he was stunned when the search results were filled with different broker websites. He browsed through the list and decided to open a demo account from one of the websites. After a week, he had his first live trading account.

Like most newbie traders, Will had a lot of bad trading experiences at the start. However, with his determination and passion to become a successful trader, the bad experiences didn’t stop him from reaching his dreams.

He eventually started dominating the market and has now been consistently profitable for a number of years. Will spends most of his time working from his home office enjoys teaching his students.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The common path of most traders take
  • How you can be a better trader
  • One reason why a lot of people fail that you should definitely avoid
  • Great advice for all traders who have a day job
  • The things you need to apply in order to minimize your losses
  • A technique that will protect you from “Black Swans” events
  • How you can be less emotionally involved when taking your trades
  • Crypto and Bitcoin: Some useful insights you might need to consider
  • A useful method to create your own trading strategy
  • A common candlestick patter to avoid & how you can profit from it

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