Vladimir RibakovVladimir Ribakov is not only a down to earth family man with a love for sports and the outdoors, he’s also one of the most popular Forex trading mentors on the internet. This shouldn’t be a surprise to him as he always knew from a very young age he wanted to lead a different kind of life. Although he is a university drop out, by believing in himself and with a sprinkling of good fortune, Vladimir shot to fame as a three time trading competition winner and is now a full time trader and trading mentor to students from around the world looking to learn his methods.

In the show Vladimir walks us through:

  • How he blew all his parents savings in one day
  • What he learned working for a broker that changed the way he traded forever
  • How he uses Cycle Trading to make 20-50% return a year
  • How he overcomes the emotional side of trading

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