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Vladimir RibakovVladimir Ribakov is my second repeat guest (see Episode 6) and I wanted to bring him back on the show for good reason.

If you’ve been around Forex for a while you’ve probably stumbled across his name. Not only because it’s distinctive but he’s been mentoring traders in various capacities for several years.

In this episode I wanted to catch up with Vladimir to see:

  • What’s been going on since we last spoke
  • If he feels the market has changed from a year ago
  • And grill him on his newly launched product – Forex Libra Code

And… to make things a little more interesting I’ve put together an exclusive 52 Traders offer for traders interested in Forex Libra Code – you can access “Special offer” here.

Have a listen to find out what it’s all about…

Today’s Offer

  • As I type, there are 269 out of the 1000 copies of Vladimir’s Forex Libra Code left
  • If you order through the 52 Traders link below you’ll get access to an exclusive offer for my listeners
  • Plus, you’ll get the download links to the two free systems Vlad mentions in show

Click for Vlad’s Free Systems & My Exclusive 52 Traders “Libra Code” Offer