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While Vasily P. is from Saint Petersburg, Russia, he may not have become a trader had he not left Russia to study in another country.

This country (which you’ll discover in the interview below), in retrospect appeared to be a breeding ground for traders. The perfect melting pot in fact.

But I wouldn’t expect to move there and magically find success. Vasily got his start there but had one hell of a journey ahead of him to get to the point where trading is his main gig.

To hear Vasily’s story and learn a bunch of things you can apply to yours… hit play on everything below.

Podcast Interview


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YouTube – VasilyTrader
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Vasily’s Trading Strategy

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Key Lessons

[10:37] The main problem with the majority of the people who start trading is that they are just paralyzed with its context used.

[11:14] Don’t trade from your phone, from your iPad. Use your computer.

[13:48] When you discuss trading with your peers, everything looks so simple but, once you are alone in front of the screen, it turns out that it is very complicated.

[26:03] The trading strategy must meet your psychology.

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[26:13] All the things that you do, all the steps in your trading plan must make sense to you.

[40:42] It’s very important to spot all the major key levels.

[41:28] When people want to trade Forex, Stocks, Crypto, they expect very high return.

[42:56] Don’t confuse the luck with the skills.

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[45:55] Learn to trade with a small account… what matters is your risk management.

[49:03] It is very important to be disciplined, to learn to follow your rules.

[56:41] If you want to become profitable in trading, you must follow the plan.

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