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Join me in this captivating video podcast as I sit down with Tyler Malone, a full-time Forex trader who has spent years refining his craft.

In this highly anticipated second interview (here’s out first), Tyler shares his insights on the trading industry and his unique solution that could revolutionize the way traders approach their trades.

With years of experience under his belt, Tyler has identified a critical mistake that many traders make when back testing their strategies. Are you guilty of this common error?

Tune in to find out and gain invaluable insights from Tyler’s years of experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[09:48] 95% of trader fail and we accept that as the truth.

[11:41] Control what you can. Let go of what you can’t.

[12:33] People say trade like a robot and they think that means trade emotionless. That’s not actually what it means. It means trade and make-decisions like a robot would.

[13:46] Discipline, patience, consistency, trusting you process, all these things that feel good when you hear them but don’t actually make you good, they are outcomes.

[16:47] You don’t need to know any more than you already know.

[17:09] You become disciplined, at the same you become a successful trader.

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[17:36] In order to take the skill to get the outcome, what we have to do is find out which actions and habits are required to repeat over and over again to achieve that outcome.

[20:04] Actions and patterns are what make you who you are.

[21:58] When we can quantify or put numbers to a behavior or to an action or a habit, that’s when everything changes.

[22:28] Data acquisition is the most important part of trading.

[22:59] If you can’t trade the strategy as supposed it should be traded, you will never make the money that you’re promised when you’re backtesting.

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[26:14] The key to trading is to always be able to take the next trade according to the rules.

[30:10] The strategy you trade is the least important thing out of all the things that matter.

[44:23] If you don’t have a strategy, stop trading live.

[45:20] In order to collect the most accurate data you can, you have to take a massive sample size.

[55:32] The biggest mistake that new traders are making is they’re trading live too soon.

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