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Now and again we get the privilege of hearing the story of a trader who has had great success in the markets (and in this case “massive” success), who’s willing to share their lessons and experience with other aspiring traders. But the trade off, for us, is they sometimes wish to remain anonymous. As is the case today with the Forex trader we’re calling Trader X.

That said, he’s been very transparent and open in what he’s shared, like the institution he traded at and how he found his way into trading at the age of 15.

But most importantly you’ll learn how he took $5000 to $15 million in 15 years. Buckle up folks this is one hell or a ride!

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[20:14] People needs to pay attention to big macroeconomics.

[26:48] Most people get stop hunted because they have very small stop loss.

[34:34] People are getting loans they can’t afford.

[40:12] Journal your trades and keep up to date with the economics or fundamentals.

[46:04] You need to know how to build your patience up.

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[52:47] Keep up to date and understand why markets move fundamentally.

[53:08] Keep up to date with fundamental because that’s very important to trading especially long-term.

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