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Picture a scenario where a seasoned professional trader, boasting three decades of experience, generously imparts their knowledge to a family member – you. The allure of such an opportunity may evoke dreams of financial independence, luxury cars parked in your driveway, and a stunning beachside abode. However, let us delve deeper into this matter. Would acquiring such expertise be an instant gateway to prosperity, or would it entail a rigorous and protracted learning curve?

Today, we introduce you to Tori Trades, a full-time trader, whose journey was anything but the seamless scenario outlined above. Nevertheless, through diligence and perseverance, she now earns a livelihood through trading.

In this episode, we will unravel the intricacies of her path to success and gain invaluable insights into her trading practices, including a full breakdown the trading strategy she uses day in, day out. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired by Tori Trades’ remarkable story.

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Instagram – @tori.trades
YouTube – @ToriTrades
Twitter – @toritrades

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Key Lessons

[14:10] It has to be a perfect combination, the timing, the motivation, the discipline. It’s got to be this perfect combination for you to truly get to that next level of consistency.

[36:23] What a lot of people can’t quite understand with the strategy with trendlines is the fake outs.

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[38:12] Being able to identify the range as soon as possible is key.

[41:05] As long as the price is continuing in a trend, you’re going to stay in that trade for the entirety of the trend.

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[50:14] Consistency with one strategy. Do not try to hop around. Just try one strategy as long as you can.

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