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timothy-sykesTim Sykes took his $12k Bar Mitzvah money, turned it into $100k by his senior year at high school and  was at almost $1 million by his freshman year at college. He did this through trading Penny Stocks and has been trading them ever since. His account is now over $4 million 20 years later.

Tim’s famous for one of his top students turning $1,500 into a Million and has also appeared on Larry King and Steve Harvey. Tim also runs, an educational community that aims to help improve your trading.

In the show Tim reveals:

  • His original Penny Stock trading strategy
  • How you can tell if a Penny Stock is a scam
  • What time of day to stay out of the market
  • What happens overnight with Penny Stocks
  • His new “Trader Checklist by Tim Sykes”
  • Why he trades like a castrated choir boy

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