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After a year of trying and trying, chasing Chris William’s (aka Swaggy C) around the globe to lock in an interview, I’m so happy to say we finally got the $10 million+ net worth trader on board. And the timing ended up being perfect.

Now settled with a kid on the way, living among the rich and famous in Porto Ricco, Swaggy shares the secrets that helped his gain millions in net worth through trading and entrepreneurship.

And I don’t know what surprised me the most… The fact I never knew he had been a reality TV star multiple times, that he had a chance to play in the NBA or the prediction he made in our charting video!

Prepare for your mind to be blown and your trading to be revitalized. Let’s go!

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The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

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Swaggy’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[17:30] Don’t ever buy a course to copy the trader verbatim.

[36:59] Do not quit your job just to trade.

[40:21] Figure out what you want Forex to do for you.

[60:15] Figure out what pair works for you.

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[61:27] Figure out what your pair is and figure everything out about it.

[61:51] Do not over leverage or over risk. Do not trade more than you can handle.

[62:10] Keep your chart as clean as possible.

[62:28] It’s not the strategy that makes somebody profitable. It’s the psychology behind it.

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[63:24] There’s only two things the market can do, trend or consolidate.

[64:35] The market is not responsible for your problem.

[66:47] Just react to the market.

[71:46] Do not give yourself a time limit on when you can succeed in this market.

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