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With over 17 years of experience working with some of the best traders in the world, from hedge funds, to professional individual traders, to prop trading firms, getting inside the mind of Steve Ward for an hour is like getting a peek inside the minds of the world’s top traders.

So, sit back and let it all sink in while we chat about things like the human condition, the behaviour gap, comfort vs discomfort and managing FOMO – to name just a few.

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Key Lessons

[19:43] If you’re losing money, there’s no point trying to deny the fact you’re losing money and there’s no point being in a situation where you’re just languishing and hoping that you’re going to start making money again soon.

[21:21] The majority of learning and development is done when you’re in a drawdown or having setbacks.

[23:14] A market change or any kind of event that’s market-driven, is outside of the trader’s control.

[25:37] Trading is inherently still quite a lonely occupation for many people.

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[29:10] If we go through the market the goal is to start to understand yourself as a risk taker and a decision maker under these conditions of uncertainty.

[38:11] When you get into trading and you’ve been at it for a while, so you understand it a bit better, you have to have a point of realization that goes “this is how it is”.

[40:48] No one’s making you be a trader. You knew it’s going to be tough, therefore, be willing to accept what comes with it. Embrace it.

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[44:58] Discomfort is normal in trading.

[56:11] You need to recognize emotions when they show up.

[59:20] If you’re trading to maximize profit, you also probably need to be willing to be uncomfortable more of the time than you normally like to be.

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