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South African trader, Stacey Pigmentation, has quite the story to tell…

Today you’ll learn how Stacey managed to make it as a full time trader starting as a single Mum with no direct access to the internet. How she found success with Forex and US30 initially, and now why she moved away from them in favor of markets most have probably never heard of.

On top of this she’s gained the reputation as the “Mother of account flips”. You’ll hear some of her craziest ones in the show today, and get to see how she trades in the video.

Podcast Interview


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Website –
Instagram – @Stacey_Pigmentation
Twitter – @Stacey_Pigment

Recommended Book

Trade Like a Pro by Suri Duddella

Broker & Platform

MetaTrader 4/5

Stacey’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[09:45] People are still in the bubble of having to see textbook things rather than reality things.

[19:43] With trading, we get to evolve.

[36:37] When there are imperfections, that’s when you get to advance.

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[37:24] With trading, everybody trades something different. You all see the market differently.

[43:15] You need to look at long-term.

[46:46] Start from small account.

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[47:57] Every experience that you have in the market, you note it down.

[54:39] Never give up with trading. It takes time.

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