Growing up in Philadelphia, Scott Carney became interested in trading at an unusually young age. At just 15 he became fascinated in reading stock quotes in the financial section of the newspaper.

He was also lucky enough to experience working on the floor of Philadelphia Stock Exchange which confirmed that trading was what he wanted to do.

These days Scott trades Harmonic patterns and helps retail traders do the same. Prior to this he spent time consulting for a multi billion dollar hedge fund.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Old trading books and mentors that can help you profit now
  • The Eureka moment that helped him turn a corner
  • The market movement theory that you need to understand
  • The questions you should really be asking yourself
  • How to identify harmonic patterns
  • The magical numbers he uses to find great trading opportunities
  • The indicator & technique that’ll help you confirm entries with harmonics
  • What to look for to confirm a potential reversal zone
  • The periods of the day that offer up 3-5 good opportunities
  • The levels to trade off, with currencies
  • If it’s possible to make it as a trader without a mentor
  • The one thing your mentor can’t do for you
  • The one trait you need to make it as a trader
  • The two things you should learn aside from Harmonics
  • The 3 types of exits he uses and where
  • What simple task (that doesn’t take that long) will help improve your trading

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