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If the quotes on this page don’t get you excited for the interview then I don’t know what will!

This anonymous trader, who goes by ScotFree, found success after learning from two of the mentors I’ve had on the show in the past year. They are very different kinds of traders and I’m think you’ll be surprised when you find out who they are and how he’s applied their teachings to go on an get funded 3 times after having the confidence to quit his day job.

You’ll also get great insight into how he approaches the chart.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @_scotfree

Recommended Book

If by Runyard Kipling

Broker & Platform

Metatrader 4

Key Lessons

[11:43] Trading is not easy when you’re learning how to do it.

[25:06] The main purpose for this market is liquidity generation and liquidity insurance.

[25:40] The financial system will not function if this game does not keep being played, essentially.

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[30:05] If you can apply your full attention to something, day in, day out, you’re going to learn a lot more and you’re going to speed up the process.

[37:30] Losses happen. It’s part of trading. You have to lose to win.

[43:37] Trading is no different to any other thing. It’s part of this world just like football or brain surgery.

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[47:53] Just look at the chart and trust yourself and what you see. That’s the only way you can become profitable.

[53:15] Focus on creating an environment that makes you and those around you feel happy and in abundance.

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