Russ Rausch started trading back in 1998 when he became involved in different trading technologies mainly in the futures market. In 2011, he joined Emil van Essen, a hedge fund company in Chicago as the Chief Operating Officer.

Being in the industry for 5 years, he learned the mental side of trading and eventually made the transition from being a trader to being a trader mindset specialist.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How to define a Performance Mindset in the trading world
  • Similarities between sports and trading
  • How your brain experiences a typical day
  • Big factors that have huge impact on your performance
  • Helpful hacks to stay focus and get enough sleep
  • Tips on how you can improve your trading performance
  • Why you need to prioritize training your mentality
  • How you can get the kind of life experience you desire
  • A special technique to control your emotion and get back in focus

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