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When you hear Rolio Jack’s trading story you’ll probably be able to relate to it more than others. He was initially told “Trading is easy”… but soon found out what looked easy, for some strange reason, wasn’t.

Today you’ll hear Rolio’s journey over 5 years, to the point where he became consistently profitable.

You’ll also get to see how he reads a price chart… And the skill he shows while describing his analysis in picking a trade is a thing of beauty that must be witnessed. It also includes a simple way to determine market sentiment and a smart way to get the direction right.

Podcast Interview


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Rolio’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[11:19] Losing hurts more than winning makes you happy.

[31:44] Trading in general is not a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ thing that’s going to get you from point A to Z overnight.

[31:58] Before you invest into anything, you have to invest in the knowledge to understand the thing first.

[36:12] Don’t focus too much on the money but, focus on acquiring to empower your skills even more.

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[36:34] You can be taught by the best traders in the world but if you don’t practice that skill over and over and over again, then, you’ll never get good at it.

[51:05] Go and learn price action.

[51:18] It is the money that moves the market. Price moves the market. Nothing else.

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[55:06] Control your emotions. Don’t let your emotions control you.

[55:36] The best way to manage your emotions is to manage your risk according to your account size.

[60:42] Make sure that you calculate your risk before you take any trade.

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