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Roger Khoury started off in the markets like most of us. Struggling to make it work. Wondering why the market did what it did.

It wasn’t until one day when he’d hit rock bottom and decided to chill out with a trip to the beach. And to his surprise, what he witnessed there opened his mind to a different way to approach the markets. One thing led to another and eventually Roger discovered 8 forces that drive supply and demand.

To find out what they are, and what Roger discovered down at the beach, consume everything below.

Bonus: Randomly, Roger has a passion for health and has his own website for friends and family where he shares his health hacks. You’ll find out which ones I used in the show, and the link to his website below.

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Key Lessons

[10:49] It’s so amazing how our perspective and our focus really can dramatically affect our experience and our outcomes.

[11:43] Whenever you develop a strategy to approach the market, that strategy can only be developed based on the current and past conditions of the market.

[14:05] There’s 8 major supply and demand forces that cause prices to rise and fall on the market.

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[29:32] Price is always swinging up and down.

[29:54] This constant swinging in and out of balance from where demand is at is what creates those opportunities.

[46:51] When you have consistency, that’s what allows you to compound and accelerate the growth of an account.

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