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Rick Wyatt has an amazing life story, let alone Futures trading career. From American Football, to the NFL and then onto becoming a YoYo Grand Master. Eventually he stumbled upon trading.

His trading career started when he went to a seminar about Forex way back 2006. He studied it, did his own research, and traded Forex for several years. However, having no risk management at that time, blew several trading accounts. After taking a year off to educate himself he and came back to trade Binary Options and then Futures. It took Rick four years before he started dominating the Futures Market and now he makes high 6 figures, every year, like clockwork.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Why Crude Oil is Rick’s market of choice
  • The idea behind the “scalp to position trading” strategy
  • Understanding “Order Flow” to give you an edge
  • How to spot market manipulation
  • A simple yet very effective approach to lowering your risk
  • The biggest thing that separates profitable traders from the rest
  • The mentality you should have to become successful
  • A helpful tool to gauge where Oil is heading
  • Key levels where manipulation typically happens
  • One thing you need to master as a retail trader

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