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Because the interview below is pure gold… Sorry, I know that cheesy… but trust me… you’re about to hear the story of Lebanon trader Richard Nasr (aka theSignalyst on TradingView) who has financial market experience most can only dream about, and an ultra simple way of explaining how he trades.

After falling in love with Forex trading he went on to work for a broker in his home country, and then onto managing large accounts at a hedge fund. These days Richard is one of the top TradingView authors and trades his own capital.

Be sure to check out the amazing video we shot. It’s probably the best & cleanest chart breakdown I’ve seen. And no doubt the reason he’s so popular on TradingView.

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

Instagram – @RichTheSignalyst
TradingView – TheSignalyst

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Broker & Platform

MetaTrader 4


Richard’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[15:53] We shouldn’t focus on the money.

[16:55] For the market to make a big movement, it has to be around a very strong area.

[24:39] A resistance is not a laser line, it’s a big zone.

[30:42] Don’t skip a weekly overview.

[34:24] It’s really a good habit to be always prepared about what would you like to see and the next movement.

[37:38] Focus on swing trading. Don’t try to be a scalper. Don’t try to be a day trader.

[40:40] You have to practice support and resistance and also supply and demand.

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[41:10] Divergence is a very good tool that gives you an early alert that a potential reversal is coming.

[42:33] MACD is a very good tool to spot divergence.

[44:37] Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose because if you do, you’ll get emotional and make irrational mistakes.

[45:07] Enter with a 1% risk per trade and enter with a fix risk per trade, not fix stop-loss, pips, or lot size.

[46:01] Trading is a game of probabilities so you need to have an edge over the markets.

[46:19] Only enter trades when we have 3 confluences.

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[46:49] Only enter with at least 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio.

[47:12] You have to be emotionally stable.

[48:39] Backtest trading plan and trading journal.

[51:17] If you don’t have a trading plan, please start making one now.

[52:14] The more you can backtest, the better you will get.

[58:34] Focus on one strategy and stop system hopping.

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