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Ray Francois is only 23 years old, has blown 1000’s of accounts and is now successfully trading for Maverick, a prop trading firm. The same firm, past guest, No Nonsense Forex trades with.

But what surprised me most about Ray was how he broke down a price chart. He used a combination of many different techniques. Techniques I haven’t seen on the show to date. From baskets, to mimicking price and golden circles he uses all of these and more to give him an edge.

To learn what it takes to break through as a prop firm trader, take a gander below…

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Website – GoldStateofMindLLC.com
YouTube – Gold State of Mind L.L.C
Instagram – ayooray97

Recommended Books

Candlestick Trading Bible by Sanyog Raut

Broker & Platform

MetaTrader 4


Ray’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[16:48] Trend is your best friend and everything like that. It is very true.

[32:15] The reason why people are not successful in trading is due to how they’re approaching the market.

[34:47] It’s easy to just put a “Why” up on the wall but, you can’t motivate yourself every day.

[35:06] Education is the #1 thing you need to be focusing on.

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[35:50] Always remain a humble student because there’s always somebody that knows something that you don’t.

[36:04] If you’re willing to learn, you’ll find something to learn about.

[37:29] Try to perfect your entries as much as you can along with risk management.

[38:23] It’s easy to press a button but, it’s just as easy to lose money.

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[38:59] Don’t let your emotion dictate the fact that you have to press the button.

[39:20] Once you understand the fundamental or the root of Fibonacci, you won’t really look at anything else.

[43:03] Don’t let your financial situation dictate your future.

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