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I continue to be blown away by the number of amazing young people out there who have dedicated hours upon hours to mastering the markets when they could be spending hours upon hours mastering Minecraft. Raul Gonzales is one such trader.

At just 21 years of age, you’ll quickly see in the interview and in the short video we shot afterward, he not only knows his way around a price chart but does so at a highly advanced level (a level most of us still aspire to get to… and most with many more years under our belts).

In a short time Raul managed to gain “funded trader” status through popular prop firm, FTMO.

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Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @lamboraul

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Raul’s US30 Trading Strategy Explained

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Key Lessons

[07:22] I try to really simplify my trading as best as possible.

[08:40] Some of my trading strategy’s all about just structure, Fibonacci, and Moving Averages.

[09:41] You can tell me, “Don’t over leverage all your positions.” I’m a type of person where I have to experience that and learn from my own mistakes.

[10:55] I obviously started modifying things here and there, as time went on, to try to make my strategy “better”.

[12:10] What I look for in my strategy is, typically, a break of structure or a break of the level of support and I want to see if buyers will actually hold that previous level of resistance as to level of support.

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[15:25] The thing about a Pullback strategy, from what I have noticed over the last couple of years, is that it does lose a little more than it wins but it is compensated by higher reward-risk ratio.

[21:28] Gold, the Dow, and S&P – those are the only instruments that I trade.

[21:47] If you can focus on just 1 to 3 pairs then you will be a lot better off than trying to master every single pair that is out there.

[25:50] It’s really all about self-improvement, keeping your trading journal and tracking your progress.

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[26:07] I think the biggest issue with a lot of people is the money management.

[26:37] You can turn $500 into $20,000 but overall, in the long term, that’s something that’s not sustainable so you need to find a percentage-based gain that is sustainable.

[31:13] If I can automatically eliminate more mistakes that I’m making, I’m obviously going to improve with that.

[35:14] Focus on having a tight money management system and see where your trading performance works out.

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