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Ever wonder what trading would be like if you had a great mentor from day 1? Rafael Kimmel (aka KimmelFx) was one of those lucky traders. His mentor taught him the foundation to becoming a successful trader from the outset (you’ll find out who it is and what this foundation was in the show below).

But Kimmel Fx didn’t stop there, he eventually found Smart Money Concepts and took ICT’s free mentorship to hone his skills. This allowed him to get funded and live his dream of being a full time day trader.

Take a listen or watch the interview below, and be sure to check out Kimmel’s epic chart breakdown video after.

Podcast Interview


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Interview Link

YouTube – @kimmeltrading
Instagram – @rafaelkimmel
Twitter – @kimmeltrading

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Blueberry Markets
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Key Lessons

[22:31] The market is a trifecta of strike rate, frequency of trades and risk-to-reward.

[32:40] Discretion is a big taboo in trading.

[33:37] You will find reasons as why that win was in your plan and you will find reasons as to why that loss was not in your plan.

[40:04] Going full-time trading can be a little bit misleading because you are creating that expectation of withdrawing consistently.

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[41:41] Looking visually at the chart is the way to go but understanding the logic behind it is important.

[42:06] Think about what makes the market move and where does price move to?

[43:22] If you are putting your neck out there for prop firms, there’s going to be much more pressure, and because of pressure there will be much more fear, FOMO, and limiting belief.

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[44:53] If you don’t care about money, it doesn’t care about you too.

[47:30] You can have the best psychology but, if you don’t have a profitable plan, the psychology is not going to do much.

[47:55] It’s technical first and then the psychology.

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