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I love having Singaporean traders on the show.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s a financial mecca, or if they just have such a unique approach to the market and the love sharing what they know.

My two friends from Radical Forex are no different. Meet Kamil and Jerome. Listen as I interview both at the same time and then see how the do it on a price chart.

Podcast Interview


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Radical Forex’ Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[06:26] There is more volatility and liquidity in the forex market.

[27:28] Psychology is one of the most important aspects of trading.

[27:33] If you can’t manage your greed, if you can’t manage your fear, then that optimally will lead to your downfall in trading.

[30:20] Forex should be 80% Psychology, 15% Technical/Fundamental Analysis, and 5% Luck.

[31:09] The main difference between a successful and a non-successful trader is really the psychology part.

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[32:58] Whether you’re scalping or whatever style of trading you may have, always first focus on the higher timeframes.

[34:04] Volume in scalping is very, very important.

[36:07] Forex is the representation of a person’s personality as a whole just on the charts.

[36:43] Trade journaling is basically a visual representation of your mistakes.

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[40:14] If you don’t follow your higher timeframe analysis, usually you’ll get confused.

[43:30] There’s a more synergistic balance when you trade with your fundamental analysis combined with your technical analysis.

[45:59] Mindset is not just for forex trading, it also applies to every aspect of your life.

[47:09] One way to overcome your greed is when you get hit by a very big loss.

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