phillip mcdowallPhillip McDowall became interested in trading six years ago by a friend who traded Australian Stocks.

Like most traders, he eagerly opened a trading account, started to trade…and lost.

Phillip decided to pivot and start trading Forex. Simply because it requires less capital than Stocks.

Things finally turned a corner for him after joining Cam’s Robot Builders Club (previously called  Automate My Trading) where he learned how to turn his trading ideas into auto trading robots.

Phillip’s been profitable for six to seven months now so I thought it would be a great time to get him on the show to find out exactly how he did it.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of automated trading
  • The software you can use to help you build trading robots
  • Steps in developing a trading robot
  • Effective backtesting criteria and tips
  • Why you have to trade on multiple accounts with different brokers
  • Why you need to ignore the news
  • Phillip’s Cryptocurrency insights
  • Reasons why sometimes you need to intervene with your automated trades
  • Tips on managing your active trades
  • What you need to know before to start trading with robots

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