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What I liked about my interview with 20 year UK born trading veteran, Paul Bratby, is how much of it I could relate to. I was also surprised at how he had broken down complex methods such as Elliott Wave, and made them easy to understandable and actionable for any trader (without doing years of research to implement them in your own trading).

Paul also shows you how important volume is and how to use it to keep you in a trader longer, giving you more profit potential.

And if you’re wanting any of the trading software Paul has created using the methods he talks about in the show you can order them through his website where he has made them available on the likes of TradingView, Ninja Trader and MetaTrader 4 to name just a few.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[06:39] Everybody is really clever but, you don’t need to look clever to try and explain something.

[11:05] Every trend has a pullback against the trend because there is always some profit taking.

[12:31] Trend is dictated to by behavior of traders.

[20:54] If you can understand that behavior from the chart without being overcomplicated, you’re going to be successful.

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[25:12] There’s no get-rich-quick-scheme. It takes time, it takes hard work, and it takes a lot of discipline.

[26:30] One of the things why retail traders don’t generate enough profit because, they get out too early.

[29:10] Start slowly. Start what suits your family or time.

[35:05] If you’re a newbie trader, concentrate on one strategy.

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[43:32] You have to find reasons not to get in a trade. If you can’t find those reasons, you’re going to trade it.

[43:56] The biggest problem with retail traders is they find reasons to get in a trade. [44:15] You need the discipline to find reasons not to get in a trade.

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